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General Donations

With the help of contributions from supporters like you, we continuously provide our students with academic excellence in an Islamic environment. Our aim is to prepare students to deal with the challenges of a modern society while maintaining their positive identity as Muslims. It takes continued community support to achieve this goal so we thank you for rising to meet this challenge and donating to Innovative International School Gulbaraga.

Sponsor a Child

Help make a child’s dreams come true by sponsoring their education! Through their experiences here at IISc they will gain wonderful experiences which become the base of their future education. We practice Islamic learning’s this can be part of here and here after learning to child.


At IISc we pride in providing excellent educational opportunities using the latest technology! There are always new tools introduced to aid the learning process and we wish for our students to have the best. By your contribution we will be able to continue providing the most updated technological experience’s for our students to learn and grow from.

Classroom Sponsorship

Al-Humdulillah our students are growing in number! We need adequate supplies and teaching materials to provide essential learning experiences for all students. By sponsoring a classroom you will be able to contribute to the educational needs of more than twenty students.

Sports / Athletics

Fit and fast is the way students ought to be! They enjoy being a part of a team and benefit from the variety of sports and fitness activities they gain through physical education. We desire for our students to experience a wide range of exercise instructions as possible. By becoming a sponsor you can support events and/or contribute to materials needed to assist in educating our students about the importance to maintain healthy bodies.


We provide in the education offered to our students from the Islamic/Arabic aspect to the regular core classes. To accommodate our growing needs as a school we appreciate all donations to assist us in maintaining our facility.


  • i-Innovative International School opening shortly in 3 Acre Campus
  • Innovative Intl School name got entered into GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book.
  • Innovative Intl School got awarded as Best School by International School Academy, DUBAI-UAE.


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Not getting enough sleep is common among school students and is associated with several health risks including being under weight, Perform poorly in school and as well poor academic performance.

Our Impact

“Practical Hands on Minds on Learning”

A good and quality Practical education makes an individual develop personally, socially as well as economically. Education helps us to do our daily life activities in the best possible ways. One can be a best citizen of our country.

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